About Me

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I am Virginia Sotelo, a Nutritional Therapy Consultant certified by the Nutritional Therapy Association. As a Nutritional Therapist, it is my goal to help others create healthier and sustainable dietary habits that will ultimately improve their lifestyle. My intention is to aid those who seek to feel better in their physical bodies, and who have a desire to lovingly nourish it with what will make it thrive. Visit the “Work With Me” tab to learn more about what working with me entails.

As a person, I have many more goals, which are mostly centered around my desire to positively impact the lives of others. I want to help living beings enjoy life to the fullest because I believe that life itself is MEANT to be LIVED. I intend on achieving this by learning, growing, keeping an open mind and heart, caring for myself as well as for others, and sharing my experiences and assistance with those around me. If you would like to learn more about me, feel free to visit the “Contact” tab and submit your question.

Thank you!