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I offer online and in-person Nutritional Therapy consultations. Each consultation is centered around the client’s individual lifestyle and nutritional needs. Consultations are designed to help the client build long-lasting healthy habits that are sustainable and help them address their health concerns and reach their goals.

What is nutritional therapy?

Nutritional therapy takes a holistic dietary approach to enhancing the body’s healing process and reducing inflammation. By emphasizing the “Foundations”–which include, diet, digestion, sugar handling, fatty acid status, and mineral needs–nutritional therapy can help you address your health concerns based on your own bio-individual needs. Whether you have goals related to your weight, energy levels, athletic performance, cardiovascular health, immunity, musculoskeletal health, or hormonal health, nutritional therapy can be the key to helping you reach those goals. As a Nutritional Therapy Consultant, I am here to help you get connected with and understand what your body needs and thrives on, and assist you in incorporating those needs into your lifestyle, while striving to reach your health aspirations.

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My Services


  • 4 Sessions

Individual Sessions:

  • Single Consultation
  • Couple’s/Family Consultation
  • Grocery Store Tour

4 Sessions


  • 4 sessions:
    • Wk 1: Initial Interview
    • Wk 2: Food & Mood Journal, NAQ, Recommendations
    • Wk 3: Follow-up
    • Wk 4: Follow-up
  • Includes:
    • Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire
    • 9am-9pm access to me through text message and/or email (and phone calls whenever necessary)
    • Option to purchase additional sessions moving forward
  • Price: $200
  • **Payment plan available


Initial Interview

This is the very first official consultation, during which I get to know what your lifestyle really looks like. During this interview, we will discuss details such as your family medical history, your diet & lifestyle as a child and in present day, known allergies or intolerances, medications you may be taking, sleep quality, hormonal discomforts, digestive problems, exposure to toxins, and life stressors. This is a crucial part of the consultation process because it provides me with the opportunity to learn about your biggest health concerns and your health goals as well as dig deeply to identify some the things that may be hindering you from achieving them. The Initial Interview is the very first step to effective nutritional therapy.

Food & Mood Journal

Once the Initial Interview has been conducted, you will take 4 days to fill out a Food & Mood Journal. On this journal, you have the opportunity to write down everything that you consume, from food to medication/supplements to beverages, along with how you feel. You will also be asked to include any movement or relaxation, your mood and energy levels, and your digestive reactions. Just like the Initial Interview, this step is important for getting to know what your lifestyle currently looks like. While filling out this journal, you will be instructed to eat, drink, and move as you normally do without aiming to change anything. Doing so will allow us to gather some raw detailed data on what your day-to-day really looks and feels like. From this Food & Mood Journal and the Initial Interview, we can start to get a picture of where you can begin to make changes to improve your lifestyle in order to address your health concerns.

Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire (NAQ)

Along with the Food & Mood Journal, you will be asked to fill out a Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire. This questionnaire will ask you extensively about your symptoms and discomforts. Based on your answers, we will be able to get a closer look at where your symptoms may be rooted, as well as which of them need the most addressing.


With the information gathered from the Initial Interview, the Food & Mood Journal, and the NAQ, we will generate the most effective recommendations to initiate symptom reduction while starting you off on your way towards achieving your health goals. These may include dietary, lifestyle, and/or supplement recommendations. The recommendations will be a balance of what you feel is manageable for your life and what will illicit health-related improvements. This will ensure that the changes you make are effective without being overwhelming, so that you can sustain them for as long as is necessary.


These sessions are necessary to see how you are feeling and progressing with the recommendations that have been provided to you. During these follow-ups, we will discuss your current nutrition/supplement/lifestyle protocol and how we can adjust it according to your progression. Follow-ups are an important element of nutritional therapy because they allow us to make necessary adjustments as you progress along the way.

Single Consultation

Purchasing single consults is also an option if you do not wish to purchase a 4-week package.
Price: $65

Couple’s/Family Consultation

Plenty of couples and families want to start making healthier food choices together but struggle with finding a way of eating that works well for both people involved. This often leads to one person feeling like his/her needs are not being met. This Couple’s/Family Consultation is your opportunity to address that issue.


  • A consultation with you and your partner/family where we’ll discuss your lifestyles and how you can incorporate healthy eating choices that work well for all of you.
  • Provides an opportunity for couples/families to learn how to make healthier dietary choices together without compromising one another’s health goals.
  • Receive tips on how to create meals that meet both of your dietary needs while minimizing the stress and confusion of feeding different bodies.
  • Price: $90 (+$25 per additional person)

Grocery Store Tour


This is your opportunity to get familiar with healthy foods and products that are available at your local grocery store. You and I will take a “tour” of the store, and I will guide you in choosing healthful foods, reading food labels, and answer any questions you may have.
Price: $50

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